Russ and Elke's European Travel

It's not only what you see, it's how you see it

Russ and Elke's European Travel is a small company run by husband and wife team Russ and Elke Beck, a professional travel agent.

Over the years we have experienced some fantastic places, people, food and wine.  Out of our love for travel developed the idea to create very exclusive, intimate and interesting itineraries and let our clients experience, taste, smell, touch and hear what has given us so much joy in our travels. 

Reviewed by Mia Henry (September 2015)

Absolutely amazing trip to Tuscany with Elke and Russ! All one needs to do is wake up in the morning ... the rest of the day is perfectly planned for you by these two who, might I add, bring so much to the experience themselves! The intimacy of the small group made it feel more like a family outing than an arranged tour. Truly, it was wonderful in every respect. The sites, the food, the wine, the company ... who could ask for more? Fantastic!

Reviewed by Anna Marie Palercio  (July 2014) - 

Russ and Elke planned and prepared EVERY step of the way and shared their many years of experience with us.  We didn't have to worry about ANYTHING ... flight tickets, car rental, road maps, travel, accommodations, meals, and reservations ... EVERYTHING was taken care of in advance ... We kept a journal of our trip - SO much to write about.  We took over 2200 pictures, each one capturing a new moment.  We could go on and on and on talking about our week in Tuscany.  It is truly a vacation we will never, ever, ever forget.  GRAZIE, GRAZIE, GRAZIE to Russ and Elke for providing us with such an unforgettable experience.  They are two amazing people, who shared their love of Italy with us, who took great care and concern to make it extra special and unforgettable in every way, all so expertly planned and executed! (more)

Reviewed by Doug Woolley  (July 2014) - 

We and 4 others joined Russ & Elke this year on their fabulous Bella Toscana tour!  Knowing the group that went last year added to the anticipation for us! The small group (max of 6 plus them) immediately felt like family (that really like each other) and not a "tour." ... It's ALL figured out by these two amazing, personable, charming, knowledgeable, fun loving people that will be guiding you all week! If anything doesn't go as planned, you won't know about it until much later, as they finesse their way through those occasional hiccups in the schedule. They've done their homework and they are the ultimate host and hostess and will not disappoint!!!...(more)

Reviewed by Tom Terry (June 2013) - 

Visiting Tuscany with Russ & Elke as our guides and companions was a thoroughly delightful travel adventure that I would recommend to anyone....(more)

Reviewed by Lee Terry (June 2013) - 

Our exploration of Tuscany with Elke and Russ Buck and three other intrepid family and friends was close to perfection.    Their exuberant love for Tuscany was  infectious,  and  made the rainiest weather in 200 years irrelevant!    Not only are they fun, they made us all feel like we were special, interesting and their favorite companions....(more)

Reviewed by Mary Ann Boylan (June 2013) - 

I was a first time single traveler who was very nervous. Elke arranged for my air flight, transportation from the airport and a picnic lunch the first day. Russ and Elke planned the most organized vacation. They thought of every detail and prearranged our daily excursions and meals so that all I needed to do was get in the large van, follow the maps and written description of the towns, meet at the designated times and be swept away to the next event on the itinerary....(more)

Reviewed by Bill Peckham  (June 2013) - 

Elke and Russ escorted us on a marvelous tour of Tuscany last May. I like to tell people I had 4 or 5 of the best meals in my life and the wines were awesome too. The villa we stayed in was first class. We hated to leave. Our intimate group of seven people made travelling easy. They were extremely professional and organized.... as well as upbeat and spirited,  making it fun for everybody! I can't imagine a more perfect combination of things to make our trip unforgettable for years to come. Thanks guys, we look forward to a reunion some day!

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